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After years of renovating bathrooms from all over Somerset County, we've found a balance between quality and cost. Our system is simple; complex patterns means more time and more time means more money. Our main goal is to provide a solid foundation to protect your investment. No matter the complexity of the installation, you are getting the highest quality of craftsmanship. We have set cost for standards designs for standards sized bathroom (I.e. 8 ft x 5 ft ) and will typically be $11,000.


Goodbye mold!

Waterproofing your floors and walls before tiles are installed is the most important step in a bathroom renovation. Doing so ensures the durability and test of time. We carefully seal all gaps and cracks where water could potentially get in to avoid any water damage which could lead to mold and mildew growth. 

These systems comes in different shapes and forms. To ensure which system will be the most efficient for you, we provide educated estimates free of charge.


Of the Highest Quality

We understand that perfection is everything, especially with modern, simplistic designs. We take our time to discuss and think about the best layout for your bathroom. We ensure that the work area is properly secured and level before we start laying tiles on your floors and walls.  

Communication is key at this stage! Our team will be sharing all steps necessary to ensure your satisfaction.



Choosing the right fixture and decor makes the difference between being in a basic standard bathroom and a 5 start hotel. We help you achieve the look you're after and keep up with the latest trends and styles.

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