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Symmetrical Wolf will always try to be transparent and helpful by providing quality work to your biggest investment: your home. Before starting any project, the number one question tends to be, “How much will this cost to renovate a kitchen?”. Many may say there is no easy answer to that question due to so many factors. In turn, we have provided this pricing section of our most common renovations to help you get an idea of how much your project will cost, coming from those who are on the field daily. We price our work by difficulty and level of skill required to complete the project with an outstanding quality, therefore our prices are labor only. Materials cost could vary widely, depending on your choice of basic, better or the best quality in the market.

Please do not hesitate to leave us a message if you have any questions about pricing on projects or with anything else that we may be able to help. We are constantly improving and adding more relevant information to our web page so you can find everything you need to make your decision easier.

Spacious bathroom in gray tones with hea


For a standard full bathroom, typically 8ftx5ft, the renovation would include tub/shower/toilet removal and installation, wall/floor removal and installation, vanity/sink removal and installation, waterproofing, tiling, grout, spackle and paint, shower door installation, and bathroom decor installation. On average, this project costs $11,000 labor only and could fluctuate depending on complexity of design and any modifications wanted towards the layout.


When pricing a kitchen remodel, we use a 10x10 layout standard, the usual size of a kitchen. This project involves demolition, cabinet relocation depending on the customer needs, wiring new recessed lights (if necessary) installation of backsplash, flooring, and painting. Cost of labor for this type of project averages around $12,000. Cabinets cost depends on the quality, ranging from basic, entry level cabinets (think Home Depot) at $5,500 to high quality American made cabinets at $19,000. Great flooring and beautiful backsplash typically costs around $3,000.

worker laying vinyl floor covering at ho
apartment being renovated with a stair on the side and paint cans on the floor with bright big window


Cost of replacing old flooring or carpeting will depend on the type of material you select and what type of flooring is being demolished. Vinyl flooring is on trend with new homeowners, due to durability, scratch resistance and waterproof quality. Flooring installation can range from $2.50 to $7.00/sq2. Our minimum installation cost is $900 per project.


A 1500 sq2 house can take up to 3 days and around $4200 to get the job done. Final cost will depend on the type of paint used, amount of furniture needing to be properly covered and/or moved to protect it, etc. Excessive patches, stains and cracks can be discussed and priced beforehand.

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